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Customhouseagent delivers world class Air Import Custom Clearing Agents At mumbai Airport as a highly professional & reliable air custom clearance agent and freight forwarder. With over 25 years of excellent record in handling customized air freight logistics solutions, Customhouseagent has established itself as one stop solution for all export/import requirements of traders in India. Air imports are generally organized after determining its volumetric weight and then the air freight forwarders consolidate the goods into one cargo. Whether it is consolidation of minor air freights or handling of large scale consignment project, we are well-equipped with latest air freight partition technology that ensures safe delivery of your air cargo within the transit time. Our air cargo agents have expertise in arranging relevant air import documents like air waybill, invoice, packing list, etc along with assisting the clients during baggage declaration and admission of cargo at ports. Our custom agents also carry out regular monitoring and inspection of the air shipments/ your goods at each step of the air import procedure starting from baggage declaration, consolidation to custom clearing at the ports of loading/unloading. Customhouseagent also guarantees safe warehousing & door-to-door delivery service to meet the client's needs and requirements.

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  1. Air Import Custom Clearance
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  3. Custom Clearance at mumbai Airport
  4. Air Cargo Shipment Handling
  5. Air Clearance Agent mumbai Airport Delhi

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